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Vaportek MSDS Sheets

Vaportek is your source for a wide range of innovative and ecologically sensitive odor neutralization and air treatment products. We use blends of 32+ natural essential oils - such as eucalyptus, pine, lemon, etc. Our systems do not utilize or create ozone! Since 1979, Vaportek has been manufacturing odor-neutralizing systems that provide safe, effective and convenient alternatives to ozone-generating equipment, foggers and sprays. To enhance the line, we manufacture complimentary passive and liquid odor-neutralizing products.

We provide green and environmentally friendly solutions for:

  • Offensive smell and odor control problems, including smoke and musty odors.
  • Air treatment and deodorization of both residential and commercial locations.

Why we’re unique:

  • Our proprietary membrane technology works safely and quickly, using natural oils to neutralize odors and enhance indoor environments.
  • Vaportek dry vapor systems do not use or create ozone, and contain no added alcohol, petroleum distillates, CFCs or harmful ingredients. These systems have been proven especially successful in the restoration/cleaning industry to quickly, safely and effectively remove odors.

Here are our products:

Exclusive Vaportek Systems

Vaportek odor control systems employ a proprietary compound of select natural oils. With the membrane systems, oil compounds are hermetically sealed into specially formed membranes that permit the oil to breathe through the surface of the envelope as a vapor. The disk systems use a special fiber element that is impregnated with the same natural oil blends as the membranes. Both systems rely on convection to carry the vapor quickly wherever air circulates - whether diffused passively or through the use of electrical or battery-powered machines. For more information on our systems, please see our entire product line or you can also contact us with any questions.

Odor Neutralization

Vaportek’s compound is an odor neutralizer. It modifies the olfactory nature of unwanted odors to a point of odor disappearance. When two substances of given concentrations are mixed, the resulting odor may be far less intense than that of separate components and not be perceptible. This is the principle behind odor modification or neutralization, and the basis for Vaportek’s odor-neutralizing products.

When molecules of the several constituents of the Vaportek compound volatize into air, they react with the odor-producing elements of the odorous molecule. The portion of the molecule that contributes the odor may be aldehyde, amine, diamine, sulfide, lactone, carboxylic acid, ester, carbylamine, ketone or other carbons. These are highly reactive and are neutralized, or made inactive, by the interaction with the ingredients of the Vaportek compound. The Vaportek compound is effective because of its intrinsic wide spectrum of neutralizing activity, combined with its high mobility in air and ability to penetrate porous substances such as wallboard, wood, carpeting, cement, insulation and others to permanently neutralize imbedded odors.

Proven Product Uses

Vaportek odor controllers have proven effective in millions of uses, including oil reclamation areas, rubber, asbestos, shoe and fiberglass manufacturing plants, tanning plants, paint solvent areas, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, and fire and restoration work.

Product Safety

  • Vaportek products address important safety issues in today’s market:
  • Contain no added alcohol or petroleum distillates.
  • Products are CFC-free and do not deplete the ozone layer.
  • Membranes are spill-proof and designed for minimal waste generation.
  • The Vaportek compound is non-toxic by design and contains natural ingredients.
  • Products do not generate ozone and are not subject to ozone restrictions.
  • Contain no inert ingredients, and are VOC compliant.

Vaportek products have proven exceptionally useful in fire/flood restoration projects. The Vaportek compound effectively neutralizes impregnated smoke odor and, unlike ozone generators, does not harm fibrous materials. Additionally, buildings with smoke contamination may be occupied while the Vaportek system is in use.

For your convenience, to follow are the most commonly asked questions and their answers about our company and products. If you do not see the answer to your question here, please contact us. We welcome all inquirie

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